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The 5 most successful types of graphic design

successful types of graphic design

The 5 most successful types of graphic design

If you are interested in the world of graphic design, today we bring you an article that will surely seem interesting to you. Specifically, today we talk about the 5 most successful types of graphic design and we tell you what main differences they have between them. Will you join us? Ah! And also, we remind you that in our training center you have the opportunity to study Graphic Design and become professionals in this field.

5 Types of graphic design

As you may well know, graphic design is a broad sector that encompasses a multitude of niches or specialties. In other words, the concept of graphic design contains many types of graphic design at the same time. Perhaps for this reason it is one of the most popular designs currently.

Let’s see next what types of graphic design are the most necessary, current, and in-demand from professionals.

1-. 3d design

One of the areas of graphic design with the highest demand today is 3D modeling. It is, therefore, one of the professional opportunities for graphic design. People who want to dedicate themselves to this field, in addition to being creative, must have special skills with editing and creation through graphic design programs.

Thus, for example, they must be experts in the use of software such as 3D Studio Max or After Effects, two of the biggest names in this field, one of the most important types of graphic design.

2-. Merchandising and Packaging Design

This field is also highly valued by graphic design students. This is one of the most technical types of graphic design in the sense that the field of packaging can be carried out by a product or industrial engineer. However, due to the versatility of the graphic design student, more and more companies are entrusting both the visual design of the packaging and the design of the packaging itself to graphic designers.

3-. The Editorial world

Another of the most important types of graphic design corresponds to editorial design. It is, on the other hand, one of the most loved by design students and, in turn, most hated. In the publishing world, the use of graphic design programs is basic and, at the same time, specialized. Thus, every graphic design student must know at an advanced level how some software’s such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign is used.

Graphic designers specialized in publishing are specialists in the organization of information in attractive, understandable, and clear blocks. Do you think you have a talent for it? Do not miss the opportunity to study graphic design with us!

4-. Corporate identity

The world of graphic design influences so many other fields that it even supplies the creation of the corporate identity of any company. Even the most powerful in the world has passed, at one time or another, through the hands of a graphic designer. For example, it is these professionals who design their logos, logos, and even choose their corporate colors. It is all these visual elements that allow the brand to feel identified with something and, at the same time, that its consumers or clients are able to associate them correctly.

5-. Web and Mobile Design

The expert in this great field is also in luck for a sector in full expansion that requires, without exception, your participation. We are talking about the digital world and the design of web and mobile pages.

If you want to dedicate yourself to this niche that is especially booming at the moment, you must be a professional of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Graphic Designer Features

Despite having so many fields of specialization, graphic designers are professionals who fulfill a series of common characteristics. For example, they are all curious people who remain at the forefront of fashion. Do you want to know if you meet these basic points? Write them down!

Sociable and communicative

They are sociable people, capable of developing their capacity for empathy. This allows them to expand their network of professional contacts and meet their expectations. Listening to their concerns, needs, or preferences and expressing them in their projects is one of their objectives.

Perfectionists and decisive

Critical and committed to his work. The graphic designer is a perfectionist professional who, until he finds the perfect design, does not quit his job. Their effort to constantly improve allows them, on many occasions, to end up developing a unique and special style.


The designer is an organized person, with the ability to schematize and hierarchize information. These characteristics are very important especially for designers who want to dedicate themselves to the publishing world.

Critics and patients

Designers have a good tolerance for criticism, they are also patient people. By combining their other features they are able to create perfect projects for their own clients.

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