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Most popular techniques of drawing for graphic design

techniques of drawing for graphic design

Most popular techniques of drawing for graphic design

Graphic design professionals and students know how important it is to master as many techniques on drawing for graphic design as possible. In this way, they will have a solid foundation to face their professional career. Therefore, it is important to know in depth those that are most related to the project that is being carried out.

Most popular techniques of drawing for graphic design


Shading uses lines that are superimposed but have different shades so that the drawings appear to have a 3D effect. Incorporating this technique into your graphic design projects is very simple.


It is a derivation of shading and is done by superimposing several drawings. Thanks to this, the final designs have more dynamism and a feeling of depth and mobility. This technique is used mostly in graphic and editorial design projects and also in the world of advertising.

Costume design or costume design

A very popular graphic design technique among fashion designers. Generally, the design of the figurines is done in pencil, and in them, it is sought to make an outline of the garments and accessories that are to be designed.


This technique is used when designing characters and is based on giving a certain air of movement from different perspectives, as well as their framework and environment. For this, the drawings that are created using this technique have a greater perspective. This technique is usually used in graphic and advertising design, usually in the drawing of comics, comic strips, or, in longer formats, in graphic novels or comics.

Clipping mask

It is a mask of those included in many graphic design programs, which allows you to mask photographs or drawings on backgrounds or selections. With it, you can create dynamic figures based on different effects.


It consists of giving a blurry appearance to an entire image or part of it. To apply this technique, you can use different thicknesses of brushes until you find the one that provides the desired effect.

Layer mask

Not all graphic design techniques are used to add elements to an image or to hide them. Some, like the layer mask, are used to show what was hidden at the time. With it, it is possible to make a hidden element of an image be shown again.

Adjustment Layers

Another of the graphic design techniques that can be undertaken with layers is the one that is carried out with adjustment layers. It is the one that is used mainly to retouch images and correct defects in designs. Among the operations that can be performed using this technique is the modification of the saturation, as well as the tone.

Image aging

Another widely used technique is image aging, which is achieved by applying various filters. Most design and editing programs have them built-in, and in some cases, they can even be customized and adjusted. In this way, the desired final effect can be achieved in each case.

These are just some of the most widely used drawing for graphic design techniques today. Both those that come from the traditional design and the newer ones are among the techniques that can be studied in these designs Online Master in Graphic Design.

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