13 tips to travel more and with peace of mind
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13 tips to travel more and with peace of mind

Best travel tips

13 tips to travel more and with peace of mind

This is your year to travel. You have to believe it, plan it, and work every day for it. No more postponing dreams and adventures! If this pandemic has left us with one lesson, it is that life is ephemeral and changes in a very short time. So, don’t leave for the future what you can start building today.

Let’s take off! Take note of these recommendations because we are going to help you make that project you have wanted so much come true.

Plan Your 2022

Travel planning

The first thing you should do is take a moment to sit down and think. Look at a calendar, check the holidays, the seasons in which you could travel, or in the company of family members. If you study or work, you also need to identify the days you will have free. Now that you know how much time you have available, you can move on to the next point.

Review All Your Options

Where would you like to go? Make a list of the places you’ve been dying to discover. Start with what you have close to you, such as the paradises of our national territory. There are many options, among others, the Colombian Amazon, Nuquí, Caño Cristales, our moors, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, San Andrés Islands, Villa de Leyva or Cartagena.

Then expand your horizons. There are many dream destinations on the continent where you live, as well as in Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Create a top 10 or 5 with your favorite sites.

Set The Budget

Since you already know when you can take a vacation and where you want to go, you can enter costs. Make an approximation of the value of the ride so you know if it’s within your reach or how much you need to save to make it possible.

Depending on the duration of each trip and the destination will be the expenses of the same. Remember that the shorter the stay, the cheaper everything will be, in addition, prices vary according to the season, if you can opt for a period that is not a vacation.

Examine Your Priorities And Eliminate Expenses

If when you had to think about money your dreams collapsed, don’t worry. Putting your feet on the ground doesn’t mean stopping dreaming or that the most special wish of your heart can’t materialize. You just have to do a little soul-searching and an exercise in honesty.

Consider the things you spend your income on, and then examine how important they are to you. Maybe you can save by not buying a package of bread every afternoon or changing the coffee you buy each morning for one that you prepare at home. You may be able to lengthen the time between salon visits or reduce the number of addresses you order.

Choose Cheap Destinations

Another trick to travel more frequently next year is to schedule several trips that do not require a large investment of money. Within the country we have paradisiacal destinations and close to Colombia, there are other great places such as Ecuador or Peru.

Traveling for short periods also increases your chances of visiting multiple places in 2022. And who doesn’t love a weekend getaway?

Focus On Goals

Once you’ve decided you’ll be traveling more, it’s important to reinforce your commitment to that goal, especially if it requires changes to your routine. Think that any unnecessary expense could be one more night in a hotel or a dinner at a restaurant in the place you are going to meet.

It can even be helpful to keep reminders in your sights, like a photo of the destination you plan to visit, to remind you that the sacrifices you’re making now will pay off later.

Prepare The Necessary Documents

To travel with peace of mind, you must make sure you have all the necessary documents, so you will avoid future headaches. Do you need a passport, a VISA, or a permit to drive abroad? These procedures take time to be completed, don’t leave them for the end.

Oh, and check that your documents are in order during the period in which you are going to use them. For example, in many countries, they require that the passport be valid for more than six months, something that could be a setback when it comes to renewing it if it is a time of year with high demand.

Save On Accommodation

An alternative to travel more in 2022 is to reduce lodging costs. How to do it? Choose to stay in a hostel or rent a house, these options are cheaper than any hotel. You can find some with a very good location and excellent service for the whole family. Forget about prejudices, there are all kinds and for all tastes.

Book Flights 2-3 Months In Advance

Your holidays are coming up! Buy flights or bus tickets in advance. We suggest you not go crazy trying to get the cheapest rate, wearing yourself out on this for several hours will cause you more stress than savings.

Get Your Tickets For The Attractions

In the same way, we invite you to reserve or buy in advance the attractions or places of interest that you plan to go to. This practice will make your vacations more relaxed, it will avoid significant physical wear and tear waiting in line or waiting to get tickets for the same moment.

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