10 branches of graphic design that you should know
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10 branches of graphic design that you should know

Branches of graphic design

10 branches of graphic design that you should know

Graphic design is not just about designing logos. The branches that graphic design studies are diverse, there is a wide variety of branches in this career that you may not have known. Each of them is a totally unique world, so a  professional graphic design graduate could not completely dominate them all.

Do you want to know what are the branches of graphic design? Discover them here:

Editorial Design

Graphic design studies are diverse

In editorial design, you will be able to design informative and entertaining publications and all kinds of written content, in some cases also with photographs, illustrations, and even animation. You can layout books, magazines, or newspapers. You can use your creativity to manage the aesthetics of each publication, of course, following the requirements of the publishers, in addition to taking care of the pre-press process in the case of print media.

User Experience Design

This is one of the new branches of graphic design that arose from the need to make the user’s usability and accessibility easier through the interface. Advertising agencies and large business companies are focusing all their efforts on this sector, which is why this specialty is highly demanded today.

Textile Design

You will be able to develop your creativity by creating your own brand and designing clothing collections aimed at different consumer segments and store chains. This branch also allows you to create your own company.

Packaging Design

All the products you see in the supermarket have been designed with a purpose, to convince you to buy them. Something like “love at first sight”. If you think you are made for this, you can specialize in this branch of professional graphic design.

Here you can focus on the way the wrappers or packaging of any product are visually presented. This includes advertising design, stand design, marketing, persuasion, and visual perception.

Corporate Identity Design

This is a brand design and it requires a lot of research and discipline. It is up to you what the new personality of the company will be before the public, so the message must be clear, concise, and must create value. You can work for advertising agencies, corporations, freelancers, government, etc.

Typographic Design

Calligraphic character design is an art and you will be able to use techniques to create and set a wide variety of types to communicate a message. This branch is very demanding, there are few who specialize in this discipline. It is also considered the oldest and the most beautiful.

Media Design

This branch is very broad and you can create videos using multiple means of expression (text, animation, sound, video, effects) to communicate something. You can create incredible advertising spots, social videos, trailers, etc.


This is a much more specific branch of design. If you like to draw and paint this specialty is for you. Illustrators usually work in publishers, magazines, newspapers, advertising agencies, freelance, etc.


Animation is responsible for bringing the objects you create to live. This branch of graphic design is highly demanded by advertising agencies when making commercials or spots. Of course, you have to practice a lot if you want to be an expert that they want to hire.


You are passionate about portraying special, unusual, artistic moments, and more. In this branch, you can capture images that will convey messages, emotions, and feelings. You can work in the media, advertising agencies, companies, freelance, etc.

Actually, graphic designers are capable of doing various creative jobs that require knowledge of the branches that we have mentioned. Now that you know that you study graphic design,  you can learn them all, however, it is up to you what you will specialize in. Have you already chosen any of the branches of graphic design that we show you? Enhance your knowledge with us and find out the details of what this career offers you,  here.

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